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Why Indoor Window Shutters are an Ideal Choice for Modern Homeowners

When it comes to window coverings, privacy and light control are two of the main features that influence decisions for many homeowners. It’s no secret that single family homes are being built larger on smaller lots and with larger windows. While large windows allow for more natural light, the challenge becomes maintaining your family’s privacy and being able to let the light in when you want it bright, and keep it out when it’s time to rest.

One solution that covers both of these issues is switching over to indoor window shutters. They will enable you to exercise control with your window coverings, without sacrificing the style of your home.

Separate Upper and Lower Louvers

Having separate upper and lower louvers on your indoor window shutters lets you keep the upper part of the window clear to allow light in, while the lower part can be closed for privacy. With many window coverings, you have to choose between light and privacy for rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms, but indoor window shutters allow you to have both.

The Ability to Match Design Lines

You also have the option of getting a horizontal divider rail built in to separate the upper and lower louvers that matches existing lines in the window or the room. This rail usually is placed halfway or at the one-third mark, and having the option to customize will help you keep the desired aesthetic.

Benefits of Vinyl Over Traditional Wood

Another feature of modern indoor window shutters that sets them apart is the fact that many of them are made of vinyl. Historically, they were made of wood and painted to match the rooms décor, but today’s vinyl shutters keep design in mind while offering several other benefits.

Unlike wooden shutters, vinyl won’t sag, peel or warp, and you have the option of placing them in higher moisture areas of the house like the bathroom or kitchen without any consequences. You even have the option to have your shutter built with a tilt rod on the front, hidden on the rear, or a geared system that hides the operating system completely.

Versatility for Different Window Sizes

Versatility is another intriguing attribute when it comes to indoor window shutters. They come in three basic louver sizes, which are 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”. For smaller windows, the smaller louver sizes work best, and you can work up from there. Typically, one louver size will be used throughout an entire home, and while you can mix the sizes, doing so could create a visual issue from the outside.

Whether you lean more toward the control aspect or the design and aesthetic element, indoor window shutters will make a huge difference in the way your home looks, and how you feel about your home. For more information on indoor window shutters, or on window coverings in general, contact us at Shutters, Etc. today.