Shutters Frames and Unique Shaped Windows

Did you know there are several different frames options to choose from? Or that there are shutters options for unique shaped windows?

If you didn’t, here’s all you need to know about frames and special windows!

EclipseFramesFrame styles from Eclipse:

Eclipse offers six different frame styles that are custom cut for any sized window. They are the Z-Frame, Trim Frame, Deluxe Trim Frame, L-Frame, Decorative L-Frame and the Casing Frame. Click on the image to the left to see the frame styles better (Will take you to another page) Shutters for specialty shaped windows: Specialty shaped shutters can be custom crafted to fit any window and are the perfect solution for arched windows and other shaped windows. Shapes include Half-circle, Eyebrow, Tunnel, Elliptical, Quarter-circle, Octagon, Hexagon, Full Rake, Half Rake, Symmetrical Angle Top, and Angle Top. All shapes are available with Eclipse’s traditional tilt bar or Clearview® systems.